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Computer Experience

I have worked with various computer systems for more than twenty years. I have worked on major simulations, image processing, machine control, inventory systems, business reporting, and hardware interfaces just to mention a few. During those years I have worked with a number of different hardware platforms, languages, operating systems, and other packages. The following will give you some idea:
Hardware platforms:
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Operating systems:
  • RSX11-M (on PDP 11)
  • IAS (on PDP 11)
  • VMS (on VAX)
  • UNIX (on VAX and PC)
  • DOS (on PC)
  • OS400 (on IBM AS/400)
  • Windows
  • GPSS (simulation lang.)
  • PDP 11 assembly
  • C
  • Pascal
  • VAX assembly

  • PL/I
  • PC assembly
  • RPG
  • Visual Basic
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • IBM DB2
  • MS Access
  • DEC Datatrieve
  • MS Office
  • SQL
If you don't see what you need in this list, never fear! Chances are good that I have worked with it or can learn it quickly. I love to learn new systems!

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