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Gary Blaugh
913 Lincoln Ave
Fort Wayne IN 46807


To find employment in the Ft. Wayne area that will allow me to continue the development of my skills in all technical areas.


I have many years of experience with several types of computer systems and a technical education. I have been a software developer on the cutting edge f image processing and computer networking. I have also developed hardware interfaces for various digital devices on several platforms.


1976-1980 B.S. - Mathematical Science, Purdue
1972-1975 U.S. Army
1967-1971 High School, Carroll High

I graduated with honors in Mathematical Science from Purdue in 1980 (GPA 5.67/6.0). I also had a minor in physics. I avoided computer science classes because they were just not very challenging to me. My focus was on such subjects as numerical analysis and operations research. Most of what I have learned about computer systems I have taught myself or attended short one week classes. In the Army I was stationed in Germany with the 8th Infantry division as a behavioral science specialist. Quite a difference from systems work, but I learned a lot about people.


1980-2002 Systems Engineer, R.R.Donnelley
Primary developer at several Donnelley locations, Chicago, Warsaw IN, and Mattoon IL.
1975-1980 Machine Operator, Borden's Ice Cream
I worked my way through school at Borden's. This gave me experience working on the plant floor.

Computer Experience

I have worked with various computer systems for more than twenty years. I have worked on major simulations, image processing, machine control, inventory systems, business reporting, and hardware nterfaces just to mention a few. During those years I have worked with a number of different hardware platforms, languages, operating systems,and other packages.
The following will give you some idea:
Hardware platforms: DEC PDP 11, DEC VAX, IBM AS/400, Personal Computers
Operating systems: RSX11-M (on PDP 11) IAS (on PDP 11) VMS (on VAX) UNIX (on VAX and PC) DOS (on PC) OS400 (on IBM AS/400) Windows
Languages: FORTRAN, GPSS (simulation lang.), PDP 11 assembly, C, Pascal, BASIC, VAX assembly, PL/I, PC assembly, COBOL, RPG, Visual Basic, HTML, _JavaScript
Databases: IBM DB2, DEC DBMS, MS Access,
Miscellaneous: DEC Datatrieve, MS Office, SQL

Project Overview

Throughout my career I have worked on major projects concurrently with dealing with user support issues and maintenance. Here I have listed some of the main projects.

ASRS stands for Automated Storage and Retrieval System. It consisted of a number of robots to pick up and deliver loaded pallets to locations in the plant and store them in a computerized high rise storage rack. I was responsible for the computer simulation to improve overall system performance.I was also involved with very low level hardware issues. At one time I had to connect probes to the main computer's data bus and have a system to count disk drive seeks.
Digital Image Processing
I worked with a very strong team in developing image processing on computers long before it was common. We had to develop our own hardware and software for image input, display, and output. We had to write programs for things such as image smoothing and sharpening, cutting and pasting, enlargement, and compression. All of this was done on PDP-11's and then later re-written to work on networked PC's.
Mail Distribution
Working for a company that puts tons and tons of material into the U.S. Postal Service, it was very important to do what ever we could to reduce costs and make sure that the Post Office got all of the necessary documents and proper payments. I developed systems to accomplish this.
I have also developed smaller systems for use in accounting, human resources, and plant floor management. Most projects that I have worked on covered financial justification, capital appropriations, development, and implementation.