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Hardin's Defeat

The Political Reasons
When the American Revolution ended in the East, fighting in the West between Indians and Americans increased. Before the Revolution, the British had recognized Indian ownership of the land north of the Ohio River. Following the war, ownership once again became an issue. Several states in the East claimed that they owned the Indian lands. Some whites moving into the area viewed the land as free for the taking. The result was a long series of skirmishes between American and Indian raiding parties throughout the 1780's. During that period, the Indians were able to defend their lands because the frontiersmen received little military aid from the states back east. Events changed in 1789 when the states joined together to form a national government.

George Washington In 1790, President Washington sent an army into the Ohio country to stop Indian attacks on whites. The Indians were receiving aid from the British who had not left the area even though this had been a requirement of the treaty of Paris. Correcting the Indian situation in the west was necessary for the United States to become recognized as a country independent from England.

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