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Programmer's Introduction

The first step in the design of any web page or computer program is to determine the goal and anticipate the desire of the audience or user. Since the intended audience for this web site is someone interested in learning advanced mathematics, the focus is on easily read material rather than flashy, eye-catching gimmicks. Even colored text has been avoided as much as possible to avoid distracting the reader from the actual content.

This material develops algebra to the point of Galois theory and presents the mathematical material and history to allow the audience to fully understand the concepts. Many definitions and notations are presented that will probably be new to the reader and to assist with understanding, most of this words and phrases include a 'mouseover' event. That is, if the reader's memory needs to be refreshed as to the meaning of a word or phrase, simply moving the cursor over the text in question will cause its definition to appear. In many cases, a link to the original definition is also provided. Each section can be printed via the browser's 'print' command and the pages will be printed out without any color or shading to reduce ink usage and allow easier reading. The colors displayed on the screen would have no meaning on a printed page.

This work has been developed in HTML using EvrSoft 1st Page 2000. The presentation should be similar on all browsers. No special fonts are needed (all special characters are coded as images). A few javascript programs are included such as the solution of a cubic polynomial in the section on Historical Perspectives and the calculation of prime numbers in the section Number Theory in Z.
To see these now, click on either of the following.
(1) Cubic or
(2) Prime Numbers

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